Sometimes it’s hard to be a cat!

Poe Chillin OutKing of the MountaintopI gotta tell you that sometimes it’s really hard to be a cat!  No matter how hard we try, my brothers and I  cannot seem to be able  educate the  two-leggeds with whom we are living to understand that by nature felines are  crepuscular creatures who are more active primarily during the twilight hours. These are the  hours before dawn and after dusk when it’s essential for us to hunt, catch prey, chow down and then carefully groom ourselves so no other predators can find us. It is only after that we can curl up for a nap.

Since the two hairless two- legged furless creatures with whom we live- a man and a woman- mistakenly think that it is esssential to get 8 hours of sleep a night, for some reason we cannot understand why they become enraged with us when our inner clock goes off and we awaken with a wicked appetite. After all, most everyone knows that  cats gotta eat; especially when they are starving to death! How dare they turn their backs on us, when we are crying out for food and put a pillow over their head in an attempt to ignore us?

And then they have the unmitigated  gall to want us to crawl up into their laps on their terms when THEY feel like snuggling with us.  I mean after all, we could be very busy chasing bugs or grazing on the carpet to catch a few morsels of food that they inadvertently dropped on the floor while they were watching TV.  I mean, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander!

At the same time although there are some rocky bumps in the road that we encounter while living with the two legged ones, to be absolutely fair there are also some great advantages. They do quickly learn that if the food they are offering us is not to our liking they are willing to open many of those tin cans in which our food is contained to make sure that something suits our fancy. We particularly are fond of the female two legged one who is always more than willing to  find some rare roast beef or roast chicken stashed in the “fridge” to tempt our taste buds. And the female is more than willing to offer one of my brothers some food early in the morning; especially when he continues to tap his paw on her cheek. She is trainable!

The reason that we decided to write  this blog is so my two brothers and me can share our journey into life with the two-leggeds and to explore the many reasons for having chosen to live with them. after all- all passionate cat lovers know that we find them even though they believe that found us! We hope that you will share some of your experiences with the furless-ones too to help in our search for the meaning of life in general. After all- aren’t we all seekers?