Sir Hubble Pinkerton Chimes In

Hubble Perkier

It goes against my grain to agree with anything that my two bratty brothers ever have to say have to say about anything.  Since they are young and foolish, and certainly fall short in the proper catiquette department, most of the time I try my best to ignore their opinons or their rowdy antics; especially when I am not feeling well.  You would think that their mothers would have taught them to respect their elders! Oh well- but I digress!

However, this time I must concur with their opinion that being a cat can be hard at times. Since we don’t speak the human language, it is extremely frustrating when we are trying to let the two-legged furless ones know when we aren’t feeling well.  On the other paw to be perfectly fair it must be just as challenging for them to try to figure out what is wrong when we are under the weather.

Since I am a geriatric kitty, most of the time my eldership does have great advantages. Mamma Cat simply adores me and she always caters to my whims. She already understands that when I am sitting in front of the refrigerator, looking up at her with those soft, googly eyes, that I am longing for a slice of that delicious rare roast beef or roast chicken that she always keeps so neatly wrapped in a plastic bag just for me!

She has also learned that rare roast beef or roast chicken often will jump- start my appetite to help me be more compliant about chowing down on cat food.   And when I leap onto the window seat and am basking in the sun, she has also learned this is a signal that this is a very acceptable spot for her to feed me breakfast.  On the other paw, it’s only fair that I cop to the fact that I often force her to jump through hoops when I  make her follow me around the house- feeding dish in hand, imploring me to eat!

When it is time for my medicine, Mamma Cat shoves a few icky pills down my throat and then gives me some nasty tasting yucky liquids.  Either Mamma Cat or Daddy Cat at times even has to give me an injection! (meowch)   But after I have taken all my medications politely, (and I always do), Mamma Cat gives me wonderful treats to reward my excellent behavior. Mamma Cat is always so considerate.

However, my all-time favorite part of day is late in the evening and bedtime approaches.   I love snuggling under the covers, sleeping in Mamma Cat’s arms all night. I try not to disturb her when I get up to drink some water or must  use my litter box.  But if I do happen to wake her up she is always so forgiving and always reassures me not to fret over it.  I think it is really important to acknowledge how much our “pawrents” love us and how they only  want the best for us.

Keeping this thought in mind, isn’t it time to create a “Hug your Human” to celebrate how much we appreciate them? What do you think? Share your opinion in a comment.

3 thoughts on “Sir Hubble Pinkerton Chimes In

  1. I know our human would love that! She is pretty deserving inspite of all the pills, gruel, injections, supplements in our food to say nothing about those dreaded trips to the vet for exams and injections! Ouch! Tang, Half Pint, Koal and Mosette


  2. It’s mutual admiration because the snuggling and purring we get in return for the love we show fills the heart. What we do for them is not an effort, it’s a pleasure.


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