My Overnight Hospital Tale: Aki Tells it All

Aki today - Copy

Since  I still wasn’t back to my old self, this past Monday morning Mamma Cat called my pretty lady doctor who told her that I hadda go back to the hospital.  It was no secret to anyone that I wasn’t particularly thrilled to overhear that and when I knew it was a done deal when I  saw her take my traveling box out of the closet. I tried to hide but Mamma Cat was determined to stuff me into my traveling box and she quickly got her way.  Before I knew it, Daddy Cat put me in the car and drove me to the hospital.

Shortly after we arrived, a lady took me out of the traveling box and put me into a cage.  In no time at all, my pretty lady doctor took me into another room to check me over to find out why I was so sick.  I was poked and prodded, and stuck with needles. I gotta tell you I was not a happy camper. I heard my pretty lady doctor tell the vet tech that I was extremely dehydrated, and that I needed fluids.  What, again?  But this time to get fluids, my pretty lady doctor had to stick a needle in my vein. OUCH!   I darn well put up a fight and I hissed and growled at her, but she ignored my threatening behavior. Then on top of everything, much to my displeasure, she shoved some pills down my throat and gave me an injection! OUCH!!

Trust me! I was a wild cat trying to get that sucker fluid line out of my leg, but one of the vet techs caught me in the act; hearing my struggles to get rid of it.  To stop me from reaching it so I could pull it out, she put a plastic cone over my head. Didn’t she know that kitties hate to have cones over their head? Such indignities to felines must be punished. But I was much too weak to give her a hard time, so I just collapsed into a ball and didn’t move much. I thought to myself, “that will show her and she will feel sorry for me!”  Maybe she did but she sure didn’t show it.

Believe me I wanted badly to take a catnap to preserve what little strength I had left in reserve because I wasn’t gonna take no crap from any of them techs.  But then the D*Gs started barking and yapping and I couldn’t get a moment’s rest.  Fellow cats, you gotta listen to me  . . .  if you have to go to the hospital insist that your pawrents demand that the doctors give you a TV or play some music to help drown out the D*GGY din! Those sounds made my hair stand on end! Some canines are so inconsiderate of little kitties who aren’t feeling well. HISS!!!!

But in all fairness I must say that the food they gave me was divine. It was a special food to help my tummy! My pretty lady doctor was so excited that I was gobbling it up!  I was happy because underneath it all I kinda like her and I know that she wants me to get all better.

I was so happy to get home last night and feeling ever so much better. It was great to be back in Mamma Cat and Daddy Cat’s arms, and to be together again with my brothers. And the best news of all is that my pretty lady doctor sent me home with lots of that yummy special cat food!  Perhaps being in the hospital does have some advantages. What do you think? Tell me with a comment.

9 thoughts on “My Overnight Hospital Tale: Aki Tells it All

  1. Your Cat Daddy is still recovering from one of your scratches the last time when you were very sick and dehydrated last week and I tried to give you fluids. I am so happy you are home with your brothers E.A. Poe and Sir Hubble Pinkerton. It is such a joy to see you guys running around the house!


  2. Dear Aki, Thank you for sharing your experience at the vet. While I’m certain after reading that you did not enjoy the experience I AM certain your Momma and Daddy Cat’s love you and are happy they got you to your pretty lady Dr. quickly. You sure have a way with words and I look forward to you writing again when you’re feeling 100% better. Take care pretty boy!


  3. My mommy and daddy insist of being present for everything they do to me. Only when I got neutered they could not stay in the room, but were around as soon as I was starting to wake up. My mommy made a promise not to leave me alone after another fur baby was poorly handled by a lab tech and/or a vet that is better with dealing with dogs. She believes that I will be calmer and that she will be able to step in when needed.


  4. I had to go to your same hospital last Friday for some blood work which I was not happy about. Mom always tells me what a good kitty I am but believe me, those vet techs aren’t buying it. I hiss and slap as much as I can because I DON’T like going there. They stick me with a needle, ram something up my hiney, supposedly to check my temperature, and then gave me fluids because I was dehydrated too. After all that they expected me to lay back down as if nothing happened. Fortunately for me I got to go home after a bit but I still was not thrilled with the situation at all. My medication had to be altered (I have a thyroid problem) so I hope I won’t see those people for a while. Mom says they’re really nice but you can’t prove it by me!
    Miss Kitty Hemby


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