Mamma Cat is Close to learning our Secret: Cat food that’s stolen is tastier!

Hubble on seat

Attention fellow kitties! I am afraid I there might be some bad MEWS on the horizon!

I can’t begin to count the hoops that Mamma Cat must have jumped through to try to unravel the ultimate feline secret that we have sworn to protect since beginning of time.It’s a secret that Bastet, the goddess of cats still  guards with her life. In fact, all kitties around the world have taken a solemn vow to prevent the two-legged furless ones from discovering it.

So you can only imagine my shock and horror that that Mamma Cat might be close to unlocking this secret,  and if she does, I am afraid that if she dares to share it with her species, our goose will be forever cooked.

I realize  that y’all  have at one time or another turned up your noses to any paltry food offerings your two-legged furless servants have set before you. They haven’t quite got it yet that it’s boring to be served up with the same hum-drum flavors they believe is to our liking.

Of course it was delectable the first few times they offered it and we eagerly ate it.  But heck, it gets tiresome when they feed it to us over and over.  Variety seems to be the spice of life for the two-legged furless ones. They change their menus constantly to make their meal-times more interesting! So why can’t they do the same thing for us? I don’t understand the reasons they think we are any different.

It’s no secret that I am a slow and picky eater. When Mamma Cat finds something to my liking, (which, I may add, is once in a blue moon), she does a “happy dance” and breathes a sigh of relief. But good grief, why does she assume that if I chow down on it for several days that it is the only food I would deign to eat?

One day she accidently discovered that I really enjoy Aki’s special diet. It was prescribed for him by the pretty lady doctor and Mamma Cat was to feed it to Aki until his tummy was all better. Aki thinks it’s the bees’ knees, but he will eat anything! So when I stuffed my nose into his food dish and gobbled up half of his lunch- she figured it would be perfect for me.

I am just like any cat who might enjoy eating something different once in a while. But after she served it to me repeatedly, I got “fed up” with it (no pun intended), I went on strike!  Since cats must eat, Mamma Cat got desperate and opened three cans of different cat food; none of which had any appeal to my highly developed pallet.

But here is where it got interesting. I started getting concerned that Mamma Cat would learn our treasured secret.  When she was feeding my brother Edgar Allen Poe I snuck into the room to check out what he was eating, I pushed him aside and finished off his meal. Mamma Cat was absolutely stunned!

Yes, we all know that stolen food is much more appealing! But if she puts two and two together and then tries to feed me this way- I think my brothers will resent me a lot!  I sure wish she hadn’t witnessed me in the act of stealing his food, since this could lead to serious feeding squabbles. It’s a set up which doesn’t seem fair.

Fellow cats, I need your help! How do you think I should handle this situation? Please leave me a comment with some helpful suggestions.

17 thoughts on “Mamma Cat is Close to learning our Secret: Cat food that’s stolen is tastier!

  1. Oh no, Mamma Cat is on to you! You sound like my Olive… she’s a picky eater too. However, she does not like Sophie’s special diet, so you two differ there. She doesn’t steal Sophie’s food. But Dexter does! He whines and cries until he gets a little taste each day.

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      1. Well, we’re not advoCATing cooking geese, y’understand. Our servant has met some and really liked them a lot. Personality-plus, those geese! But, well, cats DO love their poultry…

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  2. threechattycats! Sir Hubble wanted to tell you- “I think Mamma Cat may be planning to put this idea into full gear since I picked at eating my lunch of a cat food that I mostly like. But I fooled her- I made her feel so bad that she opened the fridge and gave me some roast beef and roast turkey! I got her wrapped around my paws for sure.”


    1. Half Pint! You must convince Rosie Raddatz that at first you sneer at the food. Once she turns her back then dive in! At least you could try that. Purrs from Sir Hubble Pinkerton


  3. From Samirah: “Since it does appear that you have your human trained (at least I hope so) you can probably convince her that what you did was a fluke. Two-leggers think us cats are inscrutable anyway. When we sit there looking intense they always think we’re pondering the mysteries of the universe when we’re actually wondering where we put that darn catnip mouse, underneath the stove or the sofa. The damage is done. Don’t worry about it. Guilt her into submission if you have to. And for Bastet’s sake, be more careful next time!”

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    1. Oh Samirah! I have been working on Mamma Cat now for over 15 years. The only thing I ponder about the universe these days is by staring at the refrigerator door and try to get it to open if I find the right way to concentrate on it! Then I won’t have to resort to trickery!

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      1. 15 years! Momma Cat must be a hard nut to crack! I got lucky with my replacement human. Took me two years to really train her, but in the beginning maybe I was a little too tricky. She thought I hated her and she was going to take me back to that dreadful shelter. I had to change her mind about that really quick.

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  4. Keep her guessing! I for one don’t eat with the rest of the fur family. I wait until they are all through. They are not fussy and just wolf down their food quickly and fill up fast. I get all I want to eat when they finish. I also know that if I give her an I’m hungry look she will break out the treats and give me a few. Meowing out loud! My sisters haven’t figured out that trick yet. Hint to you. Never eat people food unless it is made gourmet and just for you. Momma likes to cook for us and it sure tastes Yowzers! Your friend and cousin….Mandy Loo Hoo


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