Our New Friends: Christine and Oliver

Sir Hubble wants to know: Doesn’t Oliver look like me?

I have to confess that I am jealous of the time Mamma Cat spends on the Internet. Purrsonally I think that she wastes too much time hanging out online doing  lots of research, writing stories, and “chatting” with kitty lovers; many of whom she will never meet in her entire lifetime!

But I really began to understand why she gets so friendly with these folks.  Yesterday afternoon we all got to meet Christine; one of her friends she met online.  This very pretty two-legged furless lady is for sure an avid kitty lover. Mamma Cat found her on “Facebook”. She really flipped out when she saw a photo of Oliver, one of Christine’s cats.   In fact, apparently Oliver and I look so much alike that we could be brothers! Poppa Cat was also amazed when he got to see Oliver’s photo; but when Mamma Cat showed it to me, I felt I was gazing at my reflection.

Christine showed us more of her kitty photos, including one of Owen- a little chocolate point Siamese kitten who was very lucky to have found her. He isn’t old enough yet to become part of her family, and she can hardly wait until May when she can take him home! I know that I  will be talking more about him in the near future!

Speaking of reflection- I would like to reflect on yesterday’s visit. Christine is a special lady who simply adores cats.  From the minute she saw Aki, my little brother, she fell in love with him. She also thought that Edgar Allen Poe was a handsome devil. I loved the way she talked to me about Oliver.

I just wish that Aki wasn’t so skitterish around strangers- especially if they happen to be ardent felinophiles.  I mean, I could totally understand it if they hated cats. We are so sensitive to those of that ilk!!

I kinda felt sorry for Christine since Aki was too scared to snuggle up in her lap. It would have been fun for her to be able to hear rumbling purr.  Aki needs to get used to company so he can show off for folks he hasn’t yet met.  I think it would be helpful if Mamma and Poppa Cat socializes more with the two-legged furless ones! I’m going to suggest this to them as soon as I am feeling better. Since I am the elder kitty around here, they always heed my advice.

However, unfortunately I’m  not feeling very well at all this morning!  Mamma Cat got worried and called one of the Pretty Lady Doctors who told her to bring me to the hospital right away! Poppa Cat is taking me there and we all  hope that she can quickly make me feel better. But I am sure that Mamma Cat will keep y’all posted.

This said,   while y’all waiting, I do have a question for my fellow kitties.  Do you get skitterish when new people visit your home?  Tell me in a comment.

7 thoughts on “Our New Friends: Christine and Oliver

  1. Sir Hubble, I hope you feel better! And yes, the Three Chatty Cats (Dexter, Olive and Sophie) are very skitterish around people! I think some of our visitors would be surprised to know we have cats because they always run and hide when they hear the doorbell! For some, they will come out of hiding though… eventually.

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    1. It’s funny but my late brother Dr. Hush Puppy loved company. But he was very particular about whom he liked. If he liked someone he would generally jump up on their shoulder which shocked them a bit- jumping from the floor and all- but if he felt that someone was unworthy of a cat’s affection he would just sit and glare at them- or hide under the sofa. Thanks for your well wishes..and we will keep y’all posted of course.

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  2. From Samirah: I hope you feel better soon! I don’t like people. I always think they’re going to yell at me and grab me. I did something last week that my woman thought was cute. She got it all wrong. One of her male friends came to visit. He sat on the couch. In MY space. I stared at him long and hard from my kitty condo, but being a human he was too stupid to take the hint. I walked out glaring at him. I meowed at him, told him to sit somewhere else. He didn’t. Finally I jumped up on the couch and stared at him. He didn’t move! That upset me so much I finally gave up and went into the bedroom and took a nap. Now my human thinks I like that guy. I don’t.

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    1. aww Samirah.. Those two-legged furlless ones just don’t get it! We did feel bad for Christine however. I hope that I will be coming home this afternoon and Poppa Cat will come pick me up. Just hope that other pretty lady doctor doesn’t call us to say that I have to stay overnight..


  3. FEEL BETTER, Sir Hubble! *PRAYERS* and healing thoughts of wellbeing for you! Maybe it was a little too much excitement, meeting these new friends? Oliver DOES look a lot like you! Handsome dudes! So glad you got to meet and spend some good time with Christine and Oliver.

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  4. purritos9 thanks for your well wishes! It might have been the excitement and I hope it was. The other pretty lady doctor is giving me “fluids” and some nasty needles to help me feel better and so my tummy isn’t upset. Oliver is very beautiful isn’t he? But not as gorgeous as I am of course:)

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  5. True, true. And who likes those yukky things? Hurry up and get all better so you won’t have to deal with being the strong, silent type for awhile 😉

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