March 29 is Declaw Awareness Day


Edgar Allen Poe speaks out today on a very important subject!

As spokescat for my  two brothers, Sir Hubble Pinkerton and Master Aki I am  broaching a topic that some of the two-legged furless ones think is controversial. But having kittehs declawed is a subject about which the three of us are passionate. For the life of us we just don’t understand why there are so many two-legged furless ones decide to have their kittehs declawed because they think that it’s no big deal!  Boy, are they ever misinformed.

As far as we are concerned declawing kittehs is never a wise solution. There really isn’t ever a need for any kitteh to have to undergo this cruel and unnecessary “procedure”.  We wonder if these two-legged furless ones realize that declawing is not a fancy manicure just having the nails removed. Instead, there are so many amazing alternatives to having the first joint of their kittehs’ toes amputated. By the way, we wonder if they realize that their kittehs walk on their tippy toes. So how can they walk correctly if they are declawed?  It makes us sad to think that when they made that appointment for the surgery with their veterinarians, no one bothered to educate them.

Instead of  causing their kittehs a lot of pain, they could learn to trim their nails, patiently training their cats to use their scratching posts and cat trees is all that is needed to preserve the two legged-furless one’s “precious” furniture and belongings.  That is the main reason these two-legged furless ones consider declawing their kittehs in the first place. SIGH!!

Some veterinarians insist that declawing kittehs will preserve homes. But since their little paws ache so badly when they are declawed, many kittehs stop using their litter boxes and instead pee on the floor. We have heard that some cats even started biting their two-legged furless ones. We have also heard that since so many kittehs start behaving “badly” after they are declawed that they are given to shelters; and it is very hard for these kittehs to get new permanent homes. Many of these healthy kittehs end up being “put to sleep” for no good reason.  We cry a lot when we hear about these very unfortunate cats.


Fellow kittehs! We must find a way to have declawing outlawed in the USA and Canada. There are over 37 countries around the world that have banned this unnecessary and inhumane practice because they consider it animal cruelty. Several cities in California have already banned this procedure by their humane and politically courageous steps to protect their cats.

We think that banning declawing cats is so important that we needed to let all our fabulous kitty friends and their pawrents that some amazing two-legged furless ones have arranged a special event to celebrate Declaw Awareness Day

This event will be taking place tomorrow on Facebook on Tuesday, March 29 from 12: AM to 11:59 PM. And anybody who is on Facebook; is passionate about cats and who abhors the practice of declawing is more than welcome to attend. Tell all your kitteh friends to be sure to have their two-legged furless ones spread the word also!

We hope we will see you there tomorrow. Check out the special Facebook page in advance so you can give directions to all your friends!

What are your feelings about declawing? Do share them with a comment.

13 thoughts on “March 29 is Declaw Awareness Day

    1. Awww thanks threechattycats. I do hope you will chat about this event on Facebook tomorrow, and how important it is that we finally put an end to this totally unecessary and brutal surgery. Cats need claws plain and simple. They come from the kitty factory with 18 (and sometimes even more) of these beautiful, useful claws!

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  1. You’ve written a very eloquent and educational article on the subject, Edgar! In fact, you’ve covered the subject so well that we really can’t add anything except to say that if we really posted how we felt about declawing, we’d probably be banned from the Innerwebz forever 😉 . Suffice to say that to us, there’s no controversy whatsoever, and anyone who thinks this mutilation is acceptable should step right up and get their own fingers and toes whacked off, and try living that way! *GRRRRRRRRR*

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    1. Purritos9 we heartily agree with you! But we also think that if those veterinarians (they ain’t pretty lady doctors in our opinio- our pretty lady doctor doesn’t amputate toes) would tell their two-legged furless clients exactly what the surgery entails, most of them would shudder deeply and walk out of the office, their kitty tucked under their arm- with all their claws intact. But sadly they mostly never do that- it’s a pity.for sure!

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      1. Right you are, Edgar! People I’ve talked to on the subject had NO IDEA. I guess they thought it was like a claw clipping or something. Ya can’t fix stupid, but sometimes you can educate ignorants. 😉


  2. You’re right Poe! By the way, you are beautiful in black! You have stated everything in an educational manner and our furmaiy hates to hear of this being done. People do need to be educated, vets need to explain the procedure while changing their practice to not doing so kitties have their paws and claws. There are so many gorgeous cat perches and trees; we see you have them, and we have them all over the house (after all, there were 14 of with mom at a max. We had cat walks and cat trees all over to exercise of our bodies and paws; some are not so pretty now, but that is what they are for. Anyone loving their furniture more than their furries,should not have one of us. We ARE trainable and will love our purrants for loving us!

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