We Three Kitties must Endure Such Indignities As Revealed by Edgar Allen Poe


Oh the indignities that we kitties must endure to keep Momma and Poppa Cat in high spirits!  While we simply adore Momma and Poppa Cat, sometimes we think that what they sometimes force upon us are totally unacceptable. I mean really!

Momma Cat spent a long time searching for us this morning. Momma Cat never gives up when she’s  on a mission! But she ultimately found us all hanging out together in Poppa Cat’s office. We were just minding our own business playing with some really cool toys, jumping around, chasing each other; having a simply marvelous time. We had just finished our breakfast and were contented. with full bellies. We were definitely in the mood to  start wreaking some havoc!

However, Momma cat had other plans for us. She approached us rather sneakily with that certain  glint in her eyes- a look that warned us that something was up and that “something”, (whatever it turned out to be), would not be at all pleasing to us.

When she gets that look on her face it generally means that whatever is on her mind is something in which we would rather not be involved. It could mean having to have a bath, or being forced to swallow some nasty tasting Omega 3 fish oil that she totally believes is very good for us!  If she was really cared about how we feel, she would have first tasted that stuff so she would understood and appreciate the sacrifices we make in order to make her happy.

Now we don’t mind it a bit when she brushes our teeth. We must give credit however because before she introduced us to this important kitty chore she thoroughly explained to us why it is necessary since it helps keep our “pearly whites” healthy. We don’t mind it a bit when she grooms us; in fact we think it is rather nifty since when she grooms us, it gets rid of all that loose fur and it helps prevents us from hacking up those yucky hair balls that she often steps in late at night.

But this morning was quite another story.  As she was walking toward me I saw the nail clipper she was trying to hide in her hand. I wasn’t fooled  ’cause I  spotted the handles.  I hate having my claws trimmed. I love my little daggers! They are very helpful in dealing with any kind of emergency that might arise .

Momma Cat has often attempted to trim my nails. But I learned that a few growls and a couple of hisses, and biting at the clippers is enough to make beat a hasty retreat. However,today she had Poppa Cat there to help her. He held me tightly so I couldn’t escape and the growls and hisses fell on deaf ears. Now my daggers are dulled… and I am furious.

At least I wasn’t the only one to have to put up with this indignity. She also clipped off Aki’s and Sir Hubble Pinkerton’s daggers. Unfortunately, I guess we now can look forward to regular nail trims since Momma and Poppa Cat learned that teamwork pays off.

What types of indignities do your pawrents subject you to and how do you deal with them? Please tell us in a comment so we can change our strategies.

20 thoughts on “We Three Kitties must Endure Such Indignities As Revealed by Edgar Allen Poe

  1. Edgar Allen Poe, those nail trims are important and your Momma and Poppa Cat only want what is best for you! But I think my three kitties would sympathize with you. I can manage two of my kitties alone, but the third is a two person nail trim job!

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    1. Three Chatty Cats- I just don’t know why my brothers are so darned cooperative. It gives us cats a bad name! Purrhaps they are buttering up the two-legged furless ones to get some treats. They give them to me when I am half-good so I must have them wrapped around my paws!

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  2. Samirah: “Humans. UGH!!! Don’t get me started on them and those indignities!

    Once I realized I didn’t want to go back to the shelter I had to soften my approach to my human. At first I could tell she was scared of me, and with good reason. I allowed her to ply me with treats for 10 days leading up to the first time she clipped my claws. Before that even the vet warned her not to handle me much, because I was supposed to be cranky and violent. Took her a week that first time to clip all four paws. I pretended I was so offended. She did the happy dance and gave me more treats. Mission accomplished!

    I yell out “NOOOO!!!” when she clips them now. She also looks at my teeth and my ears. I squirm and cry and give her dirty looks but I never claw at her. Brushing’s not that bad, but I still grunt and groan. I have to keep up appearances. She’s not afraid of me anymore so I think I went too far in the opposite direction, but that’s okay. I know she brings in bags of treats all the time. And I’m not going back to that shelter.”

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    1. Samirah you are one smart cookie!! I came from a shelter too so I know what you mean.In fact I was in a few shelters and foster homes until the two-legged furless ones saw me and fell in love with me. I knew exactly how to get them to take me home. I just purred and put my little paws on their faces:) They were easy to sucker out:) but I am glad that I found this home. It really rocks! And my brothers are really the bomb!

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      1. Samirah: “Edgar, I don’t need to tell you to keep them wrapped around your little paws. I know you use cuteness, guilt or whatever else you need to maintain control. Sometimes I wish I had a brother or sister and then I come back to my senses. I don’t like to share. Never have.

        The last time the woman clipped my claws I didn’t like it so when she put me down on her bed I walked over, glared at her right hand (the one with the clippers) and hit that hand three times. I had my claws in. She laughed, but I got my point across. Sometimes I just don’t like to have my tootsies touched.”


  3. Yep, Edgar, you are SO right. All of us who are truly loved by our servants must endure these types of indignities and irritations. It’s a measure of how much we are adored. So we must grin and bear it, I guess. Because, you know, we love them, too. 😉

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    1. Hey purritos9! Yes we do love them even if they aint purrfect. After all they give us a lot of love and good food- and I simply love licking the butter off the butter dish! I think Momma Cat leaves some on the dish JUST for me!


  4. As a proud Poppa Cat who often is on the end of Edger A. Poe”s daggers I ignored his hisses growls and attempts to tattoo my arm with his incisors! Every morning a 6 am, Mr. Poe will tenderly knead his daggers on my neck to awaken me for his breakfast . At least they will be dull for a few days . Well played Mamma cat !

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    1. msinger3 I got to tell you that you are very brave to have helped Mamma Cat today. I must admit however that I really want to be fed at 4:30 AM but you ain’t paying no attention to me anymore so I wait patiently till 6:00 AM before I start my gentle pats which eventually turn into stabbings, I just hope that Mamma Cat isn’t hatching up a plot to put soft paws on me. I can’t stand the thought of not being able to affectionately tattoo you!


  5. Oh, @msinger3, those are just expressions of affection! Wear your proofs proudly! Our servant does. She was just talking to someone yesterday about the “badge of honor” she earned for wagging her finger at one of our beloveds who’s at the Bridge now. He was a big chocolate point meezer man and he was not about to have a lowly servant wag her finger in his face, so he grabbed her around one of her stick-figure wrists and gave her what for. She’ll bear that one forever — and it will always remind her of her sweet big brave boy. ❤

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  6. awww that is so sweet purritos9. Mamma Cat has a forever scar on her leg that Dr. Hush Puppy (one I never met- who is also at the Rainbow Bridge) tattooed her with one day when she was trying to give him some medicine that he hated. She was pretty upset at first, but now, since she misses him so much she does wear that “badge of honor” to and is very happy that she has that reminder for the rest of her life.

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    1. awww spamspitterature I feel for you! That icky medicine smells nasty I believe. I sure hope she didn’t try to put that nastier E collar on you too so you won’t lick it off. That is the WORST thing of all, in my opinion! Thanks for dropping by and sharing your story with us.


  7. Mr. Poe, I totally understand your frustrations as I have 7 kitties here and speak feline relatively fluently. However, I must remind you that kitties daggars, while appendages to be proud of, wreak havoc with the two leggeds. In case you haven’t noticed, we two leggeds are minus the thick, luxurious fur that you felines have. Thus, we lack suficient protection agains being accidently sliced during play or while you are bestowing affection on us in the form of happy feet. I realize that this lack of fur is a fault of creation, however we are unable to remedy that situation. Please take pity on us and try not to get so fiesty when Mamma and Pappa Cat try to trim them. Love you!!


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