Edgar Allen Poe’s warning, “Don’t eat Frog’s Legs”

Poe Looking at me

My dear feline friends!  Please heed my warning. I don’t want you to have to go through what I did this past weekend!

The other day I discovered a little green frog hopping around our living room.  I don’t know how it got there! But it certainly caught my interest.  Being the skillful hunter that you know me to be, I immediately pounced on it, captured it and killed it with dispatch. Its little legs that I quickly  devoured  were extremely yummy!

However, all I was able to eat were its legs, because Poppa Cat saw it lying in the middle of the room and he took it away from me right away.  He was kinda shocked that it was a frog since at first he thought it was just a piece of dried up wood.

Unfortunately the next morning I woke up with a major belly ache. I was throwing up all over and not at all interested in eating my breakfast. Mamma and Poppa cat started getting worried when I kept vomiting and running to the litter box.

Since I wasn’t feeling any better the following morning, without any warning, the two legged fur-less ones  grabbed me up and loaded me into a little box thingie and put me into the car and off we all went to what they called a “veterinary hospital”. I cried as loudly as possible, but no one paid any attention to my protestations.

When we arrived at the hospital a vet tech took me out of the carrier. The first thing she did was to take my temperature. It was the very first time anyone did that to me!  Do you have any idea how embarrassing that was for me to have a thermometer stuck up my butt? The next thing she did – of all unthinkable things- was to trim the sharp tips off my beautiful long pointy claws.  Oh the indignities with which a cat must put up !

But to make matters even worse, she stuck me with a needle and took blood out of my leg. Of course I fought hard with her and was generally uncooperative, but a big tall two legged hairless doctor came into the room and helped to hold me down so they could finish the job.

After they both were done with all their poking and prodding, they left the room, leaving me sitting on the cold metal table. I overheard the vet tech telling Mamma Cat that a pretty lady doctor would be soon coming in to examine me and give her the “blood work” results.

A few minutes later, a pretty lady doctor came into the room.  I must admit that she was very nice and petted me gently the entire time she was talking to Mamma and Poppa Cat. She told them that she believed that my snack of frog legs was the reason I was feeling so lousy. It seems that frogs have toxic juice on their backs!   She gave me shot of medicine to make my tummy feel better, and it worked in a few minutes. So I beg you-  please don’t play with frogs or eat them!!

I am feeling a lot better today! I guess I am sorta glad that Mamma and Poppa Cat took me to the veterinary hospital after all. But I ain’t gonna tell them! Let’s keep it our secret.

17 thoughts on “Edgar Allen Poe’s warning, “Don’t eat Frog’s Legs”

  1. We are very relieved and grateful that your caregivers saw what you ate and were able to get you fixed up right away, Edgar. Sometimes we eat bugs, and even though we don’t get as sick as you did with that frog, we learn the hard way that bugs aren’t really our best snacks. ;(

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    1. I just have to thank Poppa Cat for remembering that I ate frog legs and played with the little hopper when we were at the (ugh) vet hospital. He nailed the problem on the head!!


  2. Now you know Poe…frog legs ARE NOT a delicacy!!! Please don’t try any unordinary snacks in the future. Sometime (may be a long time) our mom will be sending you kuties some katnip toys for some of your mom’s “katchy” advertising phrases for Tangz new line of clothing. Don’t tell Aki and Sir Hubble though!

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    1. Awww Rosie Raddatz that is so kind of your kitties. I think playing with safe toys is always the best thing to do, but I am a hunter and I pick up so many things around the house to play with. But I will try to be a better and safer kitty cause Mamma and Poppa Cat get so worried about me all the time.


  3. Oh ! We have been through this before. Frogs weren’t so bad, it was the toad that made my sister sick. She was urping up and had the Hershey Squirts besides. Sending love your way EAP. From Mandy Loo Hoo, Molly McButter, Missy Mouse, Midnight, Chipper, Willow and Fizz Gig. Feel better soon.

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    1. Mandy Loo Hoo, it may have been a toad for all I know. I ain’t too smart when it comes to critters. It is if they move that I want to hunt them! Nothing moving is safe around here including Poppa Cat’s toes under the blanket very often.


  4. Hey, Edgar Allan Poe! This is Samirah. My human is in mourning because her desktop thingie died on her and she had to switch to the laptop. She must not like it very much because I hear her cussing. A lot.

    Well, anyway, I’m sorry you had to go to the bad vet place but I’m glad you’re okay. Yes, frog legs might seem tasty at first but they will get their revenge on you afterwards. I know you like to hunt but stick to the wet and dry food and the treats from now on, young’un. There’s a reason wildlife has the word ‘wild’ in there.

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    1. firstcoyote I feel for you so much with your desktop dying like that. That really is terrible. It can take time to get used to laptops. Mamma Cat has one and that is all she has- but she loves it. She won’t let US go near it either. But sometimes we sneak onto it and go to eBay and buy things we find interesting! Mandy Loo Hoo knows all about that cause her kitties like to go shopping too. They bought Mamma Cat a convertible car one time. It was really lucky that Mandy Loo Hoo discovered it before it was shipped out to her. Can you imagine??


  5. It’s good to hear that you’re feeling better! Self-propelled toys are a lot of fun, but it’s better not to eat them in case they don’t set well with you. Do you think you’ll be able to resist the next frog that comes along?


    1. Sometimes Cats Herd You. I doubt it. My memory ain’t that great when it comes to anything moving, especially self-propelled toys. Just the next day I spied a palmetto bug (we live in Florida) and it was JUST so tempting. I had my rump in the air and was wiggling it when Mamma Cat saw me and noticed what I was about to pounce on. Darn it- she picked it up with a tissue and tossed it outdoors. She JUST don’t understand sometime!! Thanks for visiting us!!


    1. Thanks Three Chatty Cats. All I wanted to do was to save my fellow kitties from getting tummy aches and having to take a trip to the V-E-T. It is much better to play with catnip toys. I just wish that they moved on their own. Sometimes Mamma and Poppa Cat are too busy to play with us at times.. SIGH.. but they do try to keep us on our toes most of the time!

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  6. pilch92 thanks for stopping by and your very kind comment. They may be a delicacy for the two legged furless ones, but I learned the hard way that maybe not so much for kitties!


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