Hello Again! Catch up Mews from Edgar Allen Poe, Aki and Sir Hubble Pinkerton

Poe Napping

We haven’t been writing for a while lately, ‘cause Mamma Cat was under the weather trying to pass some wicked kidney stones. She is slowly recovering from surgery to help get rid of them nasty, painful pebbles. But they weren’t exactly pebbles; one was a gigantic 8 mm boulder.  But enough about Mamma Cat’s medical issues; she is feeling a lot better today so decided it was time to get back to the business of letting us get back to communicating with y’all.

We were quite upset about how Mamma Cat was suffering. We spent a lot of time hanging out with her, purring loudly to help ease her pain, and taking long naps on the couch to be as close to her as possible. She really did appreciate all our efforts and told us that she didn’t know what she would have done without all the help she got from us and Poppa Cat.

This said, during our unfortunate absence, Aki also was under the weather for a while. But with our pretty lady doctor’s tender loving care he has made a remarkable recovery and is totally back to normal. We are all very happy to announce that Sir Hubble Pinkerton is doing extremely well and is once again eating like a little piggy.  The pretty lady doctor is giving him acupuncture treatments and some Chinese herbs to make his tummy feel better. He has even started showing interest in playing with toys! This made Mamma and Daddy Cat very happy, and this has definitely helped her to get better faster.

Aki Hubble Napping

This morning Mamma Cat was feeling so chipper that she actually was able to trim all our nails. I was, for the very first time an extremely good boy and I didn’t attempt to bite her or to kill the nail clipper. In the past I was very uncooperative with the vet techs when they trimmed my nails when they visited us so they could help Mamma Cat and Daddy Cat hydrate Sir Hubble Pinkerton with sub-Q fluids.  This morning I was so extraordinarily brave and well behaved that Mamma Cat and Daddy Cat showered me with the most delicious treats. I guess it really ain’t that bad since Daddy Cat sure appreciates it when my talons are no longer lethal weapons!  I like keeping him happy!

The other good news is that Mamma Cat and Daddy Cat finally found the purrfect recipe so they can hydrate Sir Hubble Pinkerton without his fighting them- making it almost impossible to peacefully give him his every other day treatment.  Sir Hubble Pinkerton is in stage 3 kidney failure and hydrating him helps to keep him feeling better and improves his appetite! They discovered that while he is being treated, by plying him with a plate of deli roast beef, by the time he finishes eating the treatment is done!  Everyone is now more relaxed and less anxious about the whole procedure since it only takes three minutes! The acupuncture treatments the pretty lady doctor gives him, and the Chinese herbal medicine he receives also helps him feel better! He loves his pretty lady doctor and she adores him too!

We are all very happy that we are back here sharing what is going on in our lives and we look forward to checking in more frequently.  We hope that all you kitties and your pawrents are also doing well! Thanks for visiting us! We look forward to hearing about what is going on in your lives!

11 thoughts on “Hello Again! Catch up Mews from Edgar Allen Poe, Aki and Sir Hubble Pinkerton

  1. Awww! I hope you are all feeling better by now. Poor Sir Hubble Pinkerton! I was trained how to give Sub-Q to our beloved girl when she was diagnosed with kidney failure. It bought us 7 pretty good months together. She was remarkably patient with me through twice-daily injections. We had a formula which worked quite well — I had her carrier up on the counter in the bathroom, with the top open, and I’d put her in for her treatments. I had the bag suspended via a clothes hanger on the shower frame. We did very well with that method. All the very best to you all!

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    1. We are really over the moon happy about our brother, Sir Hubble Pinkerton and we pray that he continues to be feeling well. Wow ! Twice a day is truly amazing and so happy that her life was extended.


    1. Three Chatty Cats- we have missed you and are trying to catch up with all the wonderful things that you your Cat Mamma writes about. Thanks for your well wishes! We really appreciate it so much!

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  2. Thanks for the update, Poe, Aki, and Sir Hubble–so sorry to hear your mom has been suffering with kidney stones. Our mom went through that last year although she was able to just get rid of hers without needing surgery. Still, we have to watch her. We may need to get her another special kind of kibble to keep her from getting stones. Cisco and Pancho

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    1. Mamma Cat really hurt a lot, but she is better now- still waiting for all those stones to pass completely! Spamslitterature wish you would tell us more about Cisco and Pancho and what they are up to!


  3. Time for all of you to feel well, almost 5 months of the year gone. True Poe, do not eat frog legs; they apparently are not a delicacy! Us Katz love your photos and your messages. Stay well, listen to mamma cat and papa cat and you days shall be long on this earth….sending much love, Tang, Half Pint, Koal, Mosette and our Mom Kat!

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  4. So glad everyone seems to be on the mend. It’s really rough when the whole house is under the weather. But it sounds like things are much better and getting back to normal. Hope everyone continues to improve. Love to all.


  5. Rosie Raddatz, I hate to tell you this but I spied a lizard (might write about it in more detail sometime) in the bedroom. It was JUST too tempting to stalk him and I did! I didn’t eat his legs, but did grab his tail! Mamma Cat saw him and tried to save his cause she knew that his tail would grow back but he scurried away and hid under the dry sink. I found him though and played with him a bit until he didn’t move anymore. Pappa Cat found him in the living room and did give him a memorial good-bye. I can’t help it- it is in my genes to hunt these lizards and frogs. It is my nature as you know. Love to the kitties and to you dear.

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  6. I am sorry your Mama had kidney stones- ouch. Cody’s Mom ( Cat Chat with Caren and Cody) gets those a lot too. I am glad your folks found a way to make Sir Pinkerton happy while getting his fluids. We were giving Spooky fluids every other day, but he had no appetite. I am glad your brother has an appetite- that is so important. I am praying for him.

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  7. Hello there pilch92
    Good to hear from you. Yes, we were very worried about Mamma Cat. She was hurting so badly. From what you wrote about Cat Chat with Caren and Cody- you know how that goes. Sir Hubble Pinkerton is over the moon thrilled with this new technique. He says that as long as he has an appetite this will work! So our pawrents are really hoping that he always will be in the mood for some yummy roast beef. Thanks so much for your prayers. We so appreciate them. Thanks for visiting us!


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