Master Aki shares a sad story but it has a happy ending

Aki Posing

Master Aki shares a sad story but one that does have a happy ending. He begged me to share it with y’all. This is his story!

I will never forget that fateful day just a few weeks ago; when I “misplaced” my favorite toy.  It was a little plastic ring covered with layers of pastel colored, neatly designed crochet work. She had purchased it at a cat show many years ago, but none of the other cats in our house liked it. But I fell in love with it the minute I saw it, and I batted it all over, proudly carrying it in my mouth throughout the house. So I was totally bereft without it. I had been very careful to stash it away in my secret hiding places so I would never lose it. But it was indeed a dark and dismal day when it went missing.

I searched everywhere to no avail. I even hopped into the fridge when Mamma Cat opened it. I gotta tell you she was not happy with me when I was scrounging through the left-overs. But alas, it wasn’t there. I was so upset, (although I was slightly tempted), that I didn’t even grab a bite of the juicy roast beef she so carefully stores so my big brother, Sir Hubble Pinkerton, is easier to give sub-Q fluids to help his kidneys. In fact, Mamma Cat sings to him his favorite song- “It’s roast beef day” whenever the two legged ones are getting ready to give him a treatment. But I digress.

Mamma Cat also searched the house, pulling off the sofa cushions, and checking in every nook and cranny but she couldn’t find it either. I started crying! I was so frustrated, and I wasn’t interested in any of the other toys she offered me.

So Mamma Cat logged onto Facebook to ask her dear friend Rosie Raddaz, a very talented kitty toy maker if she could be of help.  When Mamma Cat showed her a photo of my missing toy, she immediately recommended her dear friend, Linda Shipes who also makes toys.  She told Mamma Cat that Linda did wonderful crochet work and she might possibly be able to replicate it.

Mamma Cat contacted Linda and sent her a photo of the toy.  Linda checked it out and told Mamma Cat that she could definitely make them, so Mamma Cat placed an order.  About a week later, a package arrived at the door that seemed to be a gazillion of little rings covered in a wide assortment of different textures and pastel colors. I loved the pink ones and the purple ones and the different combinations of colors proving that cats are not color-blind. With this array of toys I never will have to be without one. In fact there are many little colored rings all over the house, so when I am in the mood to play with one. 13282082_970846933031570_2108782678_n

Mamma Cat and I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank Rosie and Linda for making this possible. I am once again a happy little kitty who will never have to go without my favorite toy! You can contact Linda Shipes on Facebook if you wish to get some for your beloved fur-kids.

17 thoughts on “Master Aki shares a sad story but it has a happy ending

  1. Oh, Aki, you sweetheart, I know I shouldn’t laugh at you but you are an excellent story teller! I am sad that you suffered from such stress. I am so glad your auntie Linda made these for you…wow! YOU should never be without one!

    Soon Auntie Rosie will be making catnip toys for you of a different kind for you and your brothers to sample and hope you will find them to your liking! In the meantime, keep tossing those crochet rings around the house! Do they have catnip in them or what attracts you so to them?

    Love to you and your sweet brothers!

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    1. Rosie Raddatz, Master Aki wants to tell you that he is happy you enjoyed his story, and is forever grateful to you for introducing Mamma Cat to Linda. When he read your comment he got very excited and can hardly wait for some other toys to sample!! Linda’s toys don’t have catnip but they came with catnip!! We just keep rubbing it onto the toys so that purrhaps Edgar Allen Poe will also take an interest in them. He really prefurs hiding in boxes and so he can dash out of them to chase Aki through the house!


  2. Well I am happy that you were able to replace his favorite toy. I am sure he is a much happier kitty now. Our big dog, Trouble, has a HUGE stuffed rat. That thing would scare you to death if you didn’t know it was toy. Every other toy he has had he has shredded to the point it had to be thrown away. But this horrible looking rat toy he has is so different. He loves that dang think and is protective with it. So I understand why Aki was so depressed about losing his toy. So glad he loves the new ones.


    1. Vicki Jasch- I would LOVE to see that rat toy. When there is a favorite toy no matter how “ratty” they become, they hang onto them like they were precious diamonds:) Thanks for visiting us!


    1. He is one smart kitty, and he has been so helpful to me- especially since he has these great new toys. I recently had surgery for a huge kidney stone and am recovering fairly well- he knows when I am not feeling great lately, and he just finds the right spot and plants himself purring on me. So good to see you here again! Aki sends love!

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    1. Sometimes Cats Herd You- thanks for dropping by. You got that right!! Those toys are really special for our kitties- and the old ragged ones seem to take priority with all those impregnated scents:)


    1. Hiya spamslitterature! I think he has that on his mind. But the last time I saw it- the plastic ring had broken and was poking through the crochet area. So if he happens to unearth it I think it will have to be retired permanently. We don’t want anything to happen to Master Aki- since he tends to want to ingest strange objects. I tell you it is a 24/7 job to keep him safe!


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