We are back! Aki, Poe and Mamma Cat

We’ve been idle for over two years.  So we feel compelled to share the reasons that some folks might consider unforgivable but to be purrfectly honest so many things occurred, with Mamma Cat taking care of our brother, Sir Hubble Pinkerton, who was so very ill, tending to his needs, spending time with him, writing blogs and articles whenever she was given assignments to help pay for his amazing veterinary care; oh and there was also an awful Hurricane named Irma who disrupted all of our lives, and so many things in real life that distracted her from helping us communicate with Y’all! We are crossing our paws that we will once again be able to share what’s going on with us more regularly.

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As Y’all know, about a year ago, shortly after he celebrated his 17th birthday, Sir Hubble told Aki and me, (Edgar Allen Poe speaking ) “Mamma Cat, Daddy Cat, and the pretty lady doctor, who loved him so much that it was time for her to help him cross the Rainbow Bridge.  Mamma Cat and Daddy Cat, and the pretty lady doctor are still very sad and miss him terribly. Sir Hubble flew away peacefully; surrounded by those who loved and treasured him so deeply.

“Life has been very hectic. Aki got sick a few times, and I ate a toad and had a huge belly ache. Mamma Cat had to take ME to see the pretty lady doctor too”, says Poe. “Aki had his teeth cleaned, and Mamma Cat had to learn how to brush our teeth. I don’t like that very much, but Aki doesn’t seem to mind too much. And Mamma Cat couldn’t trim my nails because I was hissing at her and growling and even tried to bite her a few times, so she had to get Auntie Melissa to come over to help her. She still does too,’ cause I won’t let her come within an inch of my claws with those nasty nail-trimmers. IMG_0661

“Last week Aki got sick, so of course Mamma Cat was very worried about him. The lady doctor told her that Aki had to go to the hospital to get better. Aki had to stay in the hospital overnight, but in all fairness, I gotta tell you that Mamma Cat played with me and gave me lots of attention. She knew that I was worried too. I sorta like the little bratty kitty, but I will never tell him because sometimes he picks on me.”


“I miss Sir Hubble chewing on my ears”, chimed in Aki .”Well, Y’all know how much I loved how tender he was.  And since I got so sick last week, sometimes Mamma Cat keeps following me around the house to give me yucky medicine UGH. But I am glad that we can share our lives with y’all again and we will be reminding Mamma Cat to keep our promise to those folks who followed us so long ago, and we hope that others will be looking forward to more of our stories as well!  Please stay tuned”

We are so happy and relieved to once again be back and are so excited that Aki and Edgar Allen Poe are getting creative again! We hope that reading our first come- back post was informative and entertaining. We would be ever so delighted and feel encouraged by some comments on this post welcoming us back!  Thanks so much!