The Grinch who Stole Thanksgiving: No Thanksgiving fixings for us!

Sharing Thanksgiving bounty with friends has been an annual ritual at our house. The tantalizing aroma of turkey roasting in the oven, coupled with the scent of the candied sweet potatoes baking, and the extra stuffing along with scrumptious apple pie is something to which we look forward at this time of the year.  Apparently, however, “The Grinch who Stole Christmas” decided that Thanksgiving was the time to pay us an unexpected visit and he stole ourThanksgiving right from under our anticipatory noses.

Not only did he dishearten my husband and me, but by doing his dirty work, the Grinch did a super job of disappointing both our kitties. Aki and Edgar Allen Poe were both counting on enjoying their special treats: pieces of luscious, juicy turkey, and to indulge their favorite treat; gnawing on a delightful chunk of raw turkey neck.

A few days ago we suspected that something within our refrigerator was amiss.  The carefully wrapped items in the fridge stored in containers or wrapped up tightly began to feel warmer than they should have. Additionally, the frozen food in the freezer section began to feel softer than normal, warning us that things were starting to thaw. We quickly lowered the refrigerator and freezer temperatures; but alas to no avail.  All the contents in our big, beautiful refrigerator were slowly turning into a soggy mush. 

We phoned our repair company immediately, but the Grinch had already foiled a timely technician service call.  It wouldn’t be available for five more days. Making it even worse was when the technician finally did arrive he only gave the sleeping refrigerator a perfunctory exam. Thanks to the Grinch, the technician was unable to assure us that the parts were even in stock which was necessary to get the darned thing awakened.













Aki gazed up at me, and with a quizzical expression on his face asked, “Is it true that Thanksgiving is passing us by this year?” Trying to console him, I explained that we had to wait for the parts. Aki retorted, “He mustn’t really give a darn, ‘cause he woulda had them already and brought them back to replace the broken piece. When he returns, I might just bite his ankle,  and if I find the Grinch, he better watch out!  I guess cats just ain’t that important.” He then uttered a huge sigh.














But what broke my heart into pieces was when I found Edgar Allen Poe crouched down on the coffee table, sobbing. He first mewed at me very softly and then, choking back his tears, he uttered, “I am so sorry about this mommy Cat.  If it helps, I will gladly give you and Daddy Cat a can of my turkey cat food.”   Poe’s generous offer touched me deeply.












Even though the Grinch stole our Thanksgiving, we feel so blessed with two loving kitties that we adore and who greatly return our feelings. Although there will be no roast turkey on our dining table this year, we have much to be thankful for.  

Aki, Edgar Allen Poe, Marty and I wish you and your kitties a blessed Thanksgiving Day.

Aki and Iset announce their wedding intentions

The astounding number of online dating sites makes it easier to make friends, find romance and true love over the Ethernet. Additionally, meeting people with common interests in the wide variety of groups on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, along with the plethora of topical email gatherings; finding a beloved virtual soulmate can be at our fingertips


Several months ago, Aki- our three-year-old blue-ticked tabby was looking over my shoulder while I was enjoying a delightful chat about cats with my dear friend Sarah. We started sharing photos of our kitties and Aki instantly fell head –over- heels with Iset, Sarah’s tabby-point Siamese female.

IMG_1401 (1)

Aki, smitten with this gorgeous female kitty who is the same age- born in the same month no less-  but at the same time, he felt timid and shy.  He was concerned that his love for her might be unrequited. Iset was also a bit reserved for the very same reason; wondering if a younger chap would remain interested. However, after spending some time chatting, they finally realized that their feelings would last forever.  Within a few weeks, Aki proposed to Iset again.  Following her joyful acceptance, Sarah and I began planning for the upcoming wedding ceremony.

IMG_1400 (1)
photos of Iset courtesy of Sarah

Naturally, this stellar event would have to be highly publicized; with invitations to their nuptials and the reception going out to all of their cat-loving friends. Sarah and I were so excited we started making plans. However, much to our dismay, Aki suddenly became very ill  and everything had to be put on hold. Aki and Iset were both devastated and incredibly disappointed.

After a few months of tender veterinary care given him by his beautiful loving lady doctor, Aki fully recovered.  Iset was over the moon thrilled about how Aki’s good health, and once again the two love “birds” started asking Sarah and me to begin planning the big event. Both Aki and Iset are ecstatic by their upcoming celebration and are contributing some great ideas about time logistics, since Aki lives in the USA in Florida while Iset resides in London, England.

The fantastic mews is flying or ocean travel is of no concern since the Internet is where the loving couple met and their ceremony will be one of the hottest virtual weddings in the history of feline romances. So do follow us  to remain current by all further announcements concerning this enchanting, rapturous and awe-inspiring event that will  join Aki and Iset in matrimony.

Please conCATulate the happy pair on their upcoming nuptials with a comment. They would truly appreciate them.

Cat versus pill: A fight to the finish?


Being awakened by the sound of a kitty hurling -up a meal can be quite upsetting, and I can only imagine how uncomfortable and frustrating it must be for the cat.

Edgar Allen Poe has always been a major foodie. He rarely refuses a meal, but last night for some strange reason, even though he did his little dance and sang his “feed me” song, when we offered him his favorite food he wasn’t all that interested in eating it. He eventually ate half his meal and at about five AM, my husband Marty and I were awakened by the sound of Poe retching up his late night snack. Another episode followed several minutes later.

To help prevent Poe from further attacks, I jumped out of bed, ran to the kitty medicine cabinet and grabbed a Cerenia tablet and prepared to give him ¼ of a pill to help him feel better.  The pill in hand along with a minuscule amount of water loaded in a syringe (as a chaser), I picked up Poe and carried him to the bathroom sink and prepared to “pill” him.

But Poe had other ideas in mind. He glared at me and said, “I ain’t gonna take your stinking pill”. I looked back at him and gently whispering in his ear I said, “Sweetie, I promise this tiny pill will make you feel better.”

Poe flattened his ears and stomped his paw, giving me the evil eye and refused to open his mouth.  It was agonizing trying to get him to cooperate with me.  And make it even worse, he leaped onto the floor; scurrying out of the room.  So there I was all dressed up with no place to go as the sun was beginning to rise with the pill and syringe in my hand. I had only one burning mission; getting that darned pill into the cat.  Off I went to find him.  But every time he saw me, off he went like a speeding bullet.

But Poe must have gotten tired from the chase because I soon was able to pick him up from the sofa and take him into the guest bathroom. Since at least a half-hour had elapsed since my first attempt to pill him, Poe was much easier to handle.  Putting my hand on the top of his head, I gently pried his mouth open and quickly shoved that little pill as far down his throat as I could without his biting me. I quickly followed it the water chaser and saw him swallow.  To say that he wasn’t thrilled with this ordeal would be a huge understatement.

I think that Poe must have finally understood that I was only trying to help him. Later that morning it was obvious that his tummy felt better because he started purring and curled onto my chest and gave me an abundance of bristly, wet kisses.  I am positive that was his way of thanking me.

What do you do to pill your cat without it erupting into a major battle?  Please share your secrets with a comment.

Aki and Edgar Allen Poe’s message: Get out and Vote tomorrow!



I am aware that some folks may not think that writing about politics on a blog devoted to cats may not be appropriate. Even so, because Aki and Edgar Allen Poe are extremely worried about this mid-term election, they pleaded with me to share their feelings, therefore I was compelled to honor their request.

Aki and Poe are very worried that the folks who didn’t vote early or hadn’t voted with a mail-in ballot may just decide not show up at the polls. What they are most concerned about are the humans who have become totally disgusted with all the nasty bickering, the hatred, and the outrageous lies, making them believe that their vote won’t make a difference; so why bother voting in the first place!  Aki and Edgar Allen Poe are simply doing their civic duty by reminding those skeptics that EVERY VOTE COUNTS.

It made me very sad when I overheard Aki and Poe saying that they wished they could vote,; especially since they are old enough to vote based on human years. Additionally, because they are highly intelligent and fully cognizant of all the critical issues this Country is facing the feel they should be eligible. They have also been sufficiently educated by all the factual information they get while hanging out with my husband and me while watching our favorite news programs on CNN and MSNBC. Sadly, cats are not permitted to vote. But WE can and WE must.


Aki especially made this little sign to inspire you all,  because they both feel strongly that tomorrow’s vote is the most important one you will ever make. To do their part in getting the word out, they implored me to share their concerns and above all, to remind everyone to get out and vote. They urge you to cast a ballot that is aimed to help bring our Country together. You can make that happen . . .  but only IF you vote.


Letting cats be cats: That’s my mission!

Much to my chagrin the other day,  I was suddenly besieged with a nagging thought rattling my brain; one that troubled me immensely. This disturbing realization hit me like a ton of bricks and got me wondering if I might be somehow be upsetting our kitties.

Just like any other passionate kitty lover, I adore hanging out with our cats. I get an inordinate amount of pleasure watching them as they eagerly devour their food and spending time playing with them; marveling at their silly antics. But at the same time, it’s possible that I  often tend to overly worry about them. I can’t even begin fathoming what life would be like without having a couple of highly intelligent, curious felines to love and dote upon.

Now please don’t take me wrong.  Aki and Poe are both very happy with the attention I give them. But at the same time, it feels to me that recently they have been giving me signs that give me a feeling that there are times when they just want to be left alone do their “cat things: (whatever that means). And since I don’t want them to think that I am imposing on them, I felt compelled to ask them how I could be more sensitive to their needs.


Poe looked up at me compassionately, reminding me that although he has been living with us for over three years, that he still considers himself “feral”. Purring very softly he said, “Although I enjoy your company, there are times when hanging out in the cat tree to just observe my surroundings and get away from that bratty Aki is just what I need. So whenever you see me hanging out high in my safe and secure tunnel, just know I am happy and content.”  I promised that I would do my best to honor his request.


I assume that Aki was eavesdropping on my conversation with Poe because he suddenly chimed in, whispering, “Playing with you is so much fun, and I adore snuggling with you. But since my curiosity is unquenchable, when something suddenly captures my attention, whatever caught my eye must immediately be investigated. Get it? “

Letting cats do their “cat things” is so crucial for our felines. It is what makes them so special and allows them to be who they truly are.

While I know this feline “rule” in my heart, nevertheless I am extremely curious if I am alone with my concern?  Has anyone else ever wondered if they have inadvertently upset their kitties?  If you have ever shared my concern, please leave me a reassuring comment.

Searching for meaning on Halloween

I don’t quite understand why our cats could actually be “searching for meaning”. Yet when we started this blog so long ago,  all three kitties were quite adamant about its theme: since they were in agreement that all life has meaning and every sentient being has a purpose.

Being able to exist in harmony with the universe is a lofty goal; especially today.   Presently, we are living in a very stressful and chaotic period of time. Cats are extremely sensitive to their surroundings and our moods which greatly affect them.  So perhaps my questioning is actually naive about why they were so insistent about its theme. Maybe it’s possible that they are really curious about why and how we react to certain things that they are compelled to understand.

To be perfectly honest (and I don’t want to offend anyone), celebrating Halloween is not on my top-ten hit parade. I find having to offer children candy in order to avoid a “trick” is both blackmail and quite annoying.  It is very disturbing to me to either have to confine the cats in a room, or compelled to watch them like a hawk every time the doorbell rings in order to prevent them from escaping out the door and into the street.

And having to find creative ways to hide the candy that the children demand we dole out to them to prevent the cats from trying to steal sweet alluring “shiny objects” actually gives me the willies.  At least I was comforted by Aki’s reaction to the onslaught of petite goblins and ghouls.

Aki actually concurred with my  Halloween aversion even though he couldn’t completely grasp what this “holiday” was all about. Last night as we were snuggling under a blanket in between knocks on the door, he was quite perturbed. He said, “It bothers me when you constantly get up to greet those little brats. It is very disturbing. I should be the center of attention here; after all, I gave up hunting for bugs to keep you warm.”  Akiface

So was this his search for the meaning of love by “sacrificing “something he preferred, out of his love?

Even Edgar Allen Poe was disgruntled. Since the evening was passing by rapidly and feeding time was delayed, he turned to me, looking up at me with his piercing eyes and loudly uttered, “Feed me, or else I will surely starve, and quickly turn into just skin and bones.”  I wonder what the meaning Edgar Allen Poe might have been exploring. Hopefully, more will be revealed in the near future.IMG_0787

Are your cats searching for “meaning”? Or are our cats in the minority?  And if not, do you really care?  Please share your thoughts since they will be helpful for the three of us.