Searching for meaning on Halloween

I don’t quite understand why our cats could actually be “searching for meaning”. Yet when we started this blog so long ago,  all three kitties were quite adamant about its theme: since they were in agreement that all life has meaning and every sentient being has a purpose.

Being able to exist in harmony with the universe is a lofty goal; especially today.   Presently, we are living in a very stressful and chaotic period of time. Cats are extremely sensitive to their surroundings and our moods which greatly affect them.  So perhaps my questioning is actually naive about why they were so insistent about its theme. Maybe it’s possible that they are really curious about why and how we react to certain things that they are compelled to understand.

To be perfectly honest (and I don’t want to offend anyone), celebrating Halloween is not on my top-ten hit parade. I find having to offer children candy in order to avoid a “trick” is both blackmail and quite annoying.  It is very disturbing to me to either have to confine the cats in a room, or compelled to watch them like a hawk every time the doorbell rings in order to prevent them from escaping out the door and into the street.

And having to find creative ways to hide the candy that the children demand we dole out to them to prevent the cats from trying to steal sweet alluring “shiny objects” actually gives me the willies.  At least I was comforted by Aki’s reaction to the onslaught of petite goblins and ghouls.

Aki actually concurred with my  Halloween aversion even though he couldn’t completely grasp what this “holiday” was all about. Last night as we were snuggling under a blanket in between knocks on the door, he was quite perturbed. He said, “It bothers me when you constantly get up to greet those little brats. It is very disturbing. I should be the center of attention here; after all, I gave up hunting for bugs to keep you warm.”  Akiface

So was this his search for the meaning of love by “sacrificing “something he preferred, out of his love?

Even Edgar Allen Poe was disgruntled. Since the evening was passing by rapidly and feeding time was delayed, he turned to me, looking up at me with his piercing eyes and loudly uttered, “Feed me, or else I will surely starve, and quickly turn into just skin and bones.”  I wonder what the meaning Edgar Allen Poe might have been exploring. Hopefully, more will be revealed in the near future.IMG_0787

Are your cats searching for “meaning”? Or are our cats in the minority?  And if not, do you really care?  Please share your thoughts since they will be helpful for the three of us.

6 thoughts on “Searching for meaning on Halloween

  1. Hi Jo – am loving your blog! for this house, Halloween has meaning in that our kittydoc celebrates his birthday on that day……………..and the two resident people (Sonny and I) celebrate our birthdays on the spring equivalent (Wallpurgisnacht) of Halloween! I’d guess in a nutshell that’s this house’s meaning!
    Jan from NH

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    1. Thanks so much, Jan. Aki and Edgar Allen Poe are so pleased that you are enjoying our blog. Lots of birthday celebrating! We look forward to hearing more about you AND your kitties of course.


  2. Spooky being under the weather spent the evening on his pillow on top of the kitchen table. This has always been a favorite place for our kitties as this is where dad reads the morning paper and they can help by laying in the middle of it. It is also a high place with a window. The table is in front of a window that looks out onto our front porch right next to our front door. So as each young candy seeker shouted “trick or treat” Spooky sat there watching. He became part of the Halloween decor along with the mini pumpkins on the porch railing as many of the kids pointed to him and declared, “look at the black cat”. So for Spooky the meaning of Halloween seemed to be getting to sit in his favorite spot while I worked beside him handing out candy. The thing I love so much about him is how much he enjoys being with us, even when he isn’t feeling well.

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  3. This was actually the first year we’ve handed out candy in a very long time. I decided to because I knew a couple new families with young kids moved into the neighborhood. The cats were fine with it and it didn’t bother them. Although I did set up a barrier between the living room and the door that I could easily hop over when I went to answer the door. I’m not sure that my cats were searching for the meaning of Halloween, as it didn’t really affect them much. As long as they’re fed on time, I think they’re happy with life. 🙂

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    1. Hi Three Chatty Cats. I am so glad to be back- or.. rather.. our cats are so happy that they now have a platform in which they can connect with kitties and their pawrents. Aki being an Oriental has lots to say, and I look forward to hearing more from Poe. It sounds like your Halloween was peaceful and safe.


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