Aki and Edgar Allen Poe’s message: Get out and Vote tomorrow!



I am aware that some folks may not think that writing about politics on a blog devoted to cats may not be appropriate. Even so, because Aki and Edgar Allen Poe are extremely worried about this mid-term election, they pleaded with me to share their feelings, therefore I was compelled to honor their request.

Aki and Poe are very worried that the folks who didn’t vote early or hadn’t voted with a mail-in ballot may just decide not show up at the polls. What they are most concerned about are the humans who have become totally disgusted with all the nasty bickering, the hatred, and the outrageous lies, making them believe that their vote won’t make a difference; so why bother voting in the first place!  Aki and Edgar Allen Poe are simply doing their civic duty by reminding those skeptics that EVERY VOTE COUNTS.

It made me very sad when I overheard Aki and Poe saying that they wished they could vote,; especially since they are old enough to vote based on human years. Additionally, because they are highly intelligent and fully cognizant of all the critical issues this Country is facing the feel they should be eligible. They have also been sufficiently educated by all the factual information they get while hanging out with my husband and me while watching our favorite news programs on CNN and MSNBC. Sadly, cats are not permitted to vote. But WE can and WE must.


Aki especially made this little sign to inspire you all,  because they both feel strongly that tomorrow’s vote is the most important one you will ever make. To do their part in getting the word out, they implored me to share their concerns and above all, to remind everyone to get out and vote. They urge you to cast a ballot that is aimed to help bring our Country together. You can make that happen . . .  but only IF you vote.


9 thoughts on “Aki and Edgar Allen Poe’s message: Get out and Vote tomorrow!

  1. I thought this was a wonderfully toned and placed article
    I only feel saddened that coming from U.K. I have nothing to vote for at the moment but give me time and I will be voting for our current government of lack of capacity lack of financing public facilities like health the army and housing
    And their disinformation about brexit
    I will be voting them out !


  2. I’m an election official so voting is the first thing I do before going to work! As I’ve said to so many people over the years, Don’t care how you vote – just do it!! that’s what makes this country great – differing opinions and such…………my kitties all concur with Poe and Aki – we’re expecting a record turnout here in our small town……….and typically our town is one of the high turnout towns for elections…………
    Jan & felines

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