Aki and Iset announce their wedding intentions

The astounding number of online dating sites makes it easier to make friends, find romance and true love over the Ethernet. Additionally, meeting people with common interests in the wide variety of groups on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, along with the plethora of topical email gatherings; finding a beloved virtual soulmate can be at our fingertips


Several months ago, Aki- our three-year-old blue-ticked tabby was looking over my shoulder while I was enjoying a delightful chat about cats with my dear friend Sarah. We started sharing photos of our kitties and Aki instantly fell head –over- heels with Iset, Sarah’s tabby-point Siamese female.

IMG_1401 (1)

Aki, smitten with this gorgeous female kitty who is the same age- born in the same month no less-  but at the same time, he felt timid and shy.  He was concerned that his love for her might be unrequited. Iset was also a bit reserved for the very same reason; wondering if a younger chap would remain interested. However, after spending some time chatting, they finally realized that their feelings would last forever.  Within a few weeks, Aki proposed to Iset again.  Following her joyful acceptance, Sarah and I began planning for the upcoming wedding ceremony.

IMG_1400 (1)
photos of Iset courtesy of Sarah

Naturally, this stellar event would have to be highly publicized; with invitations to their nuptials and the reception going out to all of their cat-loving friends. Sarah and I were so excited we started making plans. However, much to our dismay, Aki suddenly became very ill  and everything had to be put on hold. Aki and Iset were both devastated and incredibly disappointed.

After a few months of tender veterinary care given him by his beautiful loving lady doctor, Aki fully recovered.  Iset was over the moon thrilled about how Aki’s good health, and once again the two love “birds” started asking Sarah and me to begin planning the big event. Both Aki and Iset are ecstatic by their upcoming celebration and are contributing some great ideas about time logistics, since Aki lives in the USA in Florida while Iset resides in London, England.

The fantastic mews is flying or ocean travel is of no concern since the Internet is where the loving couple met and their ceremony will be one of the hottest virtual weddings in the history of feline romances. So do follow us  to remain current by all further announcements concerning this enchanting, rapturous and awe-inspiring event that will  join Aki and Iset in matrimony.

Please conCATulate the happy pair on their upcoming nuptials with a comment. They would truly appreciate them.

8 thoughts on “Aki and Iset announce their wedding intentions

    1. Well this should be a very fun event. Right now we are looking for the Groom’s outfit. Can’t wait to see what the bride will be wearing. I think a garland of catnip blossoms would be a nice addition to her outfit, don’t you?

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