Aki and Edgar Allen Poe’s message: Get out and Vote tomorrow!



I am aware that some folks may not think that writing about politics on a blog devoted to cats may not be appropriate. Even so, because Aki and Edgar Allen Poe are extremely worried about this mid-term election, they pleaded with me to share their feelings, therefore I was compelled to honor their request.

Aki and Poe are very worried that the folks who didn’t vote early or hadn’t voted with a mail-in ballot may just decide not show up at the polls. What they are most concerned about are the humans who have become totally disgusted with all the nasty bickering, the hatred, and the outrageous lies, making them believe that their vote won’t make a difference; so why bother voting in the first place!  Aki and Edgar Allen Poe are simply doing their civic duty by reminding those skeptics that EVERY VOTE COUNTS.

It made me very sad when I overheard Aki and Poe saying that they wished they could vote,; especially since they are old enough to vote based on human years. Additionally, because they are highly intelligent and fully cognizant of all the critical issues this Country is facing the feel they should be eligible. They have also been sufficiently educated by all the factual information they get while hanging out with my husband and me while watching our favorite news programs on CNN and MSNBC. Sadly, cats are not permitted to vote. But WE can and WE must.


Aki especially made this little sign to inspire you all,  because they both feel strongly that tomorrow’s vote is the most important one you will ever make. To do their part in getting the word out, they implored me to share their concerns and above all, to remind everyone to get out and vote. They urge you to cast a ballot that is aimed to help bring our Country together. You can make that happen . . .  but only IF you vote.


Searching for meaning on Halloween

I don’t quite understand why our cats could actually be “searching for meaning”. Yet when we started this blog so long ago,  all three kitties were quite adamant about its theme: since they were in agreement that all life has meaning and every sentient being has a purpose.

Being able to exist in harmony with the universe is a lofty goal; especially today.   Presently, we are living in a very stressful and chaotic period of time. Cats are extremely sensitive to their surroundings and our moods which greatly affect them.  So perhaps my questioning is actually naive about why they were so insistent about its theme. Maybe it’s possible that they are really curious about why and how we react to certain things that they are compelled to understand.

To be perfectly honest (and I don’t want to offend anyone), celebrating Halloween is not on my top-ten hit parade. I find having to offer children candy in order to avoid a “trick” is both blackmail and quite annoying.  It is very disturbing to me to either have to confine the cats in a room, or compelled to watch them like a hawk every time the doorbell rings in order to prevent them from escaping out the door and into the street.

And having to find creative ways to hide the candy that the children demand we dole out to them to prevent the cats from trying to steal sweet alluring “shiny objects” actually gives me the willies.  At least I was comforted by Aki’s reaction to the onslaught of petite goblins and ghouls.

Aki actually concurred with my  Halloween aversion even though he couldn’t completely grasp what this “holiday” was all about. Last night as we were snuggling under a blanket in between knocks on the door, he was quite perturbed. He said, “It bothers me when you constantly get up to greet those little brats. It is very disturbing. I should be the center of attention here; after all, I gave up hunting for bugs to keep you warm.”  Akiface

So was this his search for the meaning of love by “sacrificing “something he preferred, out of his love?

Even Edgar Allen Poe was disgruntled. Since the evening was passing by rapidly and feeding time was delayed, he turned to me, looking up at me with his piercing eyes and loudly uttered, “Feed me, or else I will surely starve, and quickly turn into just skin and bones.”  I wonder what the meaning Edgar Allen Poe might have been exploring. Hopefully, more will be revealed in the near future.IMG_0787

Are your cats searching for “meaning”? Or are our cats in the minority?  And if not, do you really care?  Please share your thoughts since they will be helpful for the three of us.

We are back! Aki, Poe and Mamma Cat

We’ve been idle for over two years.  So we feel compelled to share the reasons that some folks might consider unforgivable but to be purrfectly honest so many things occurred, with Mamma Cat taking care of our brother, Sir Hubble Pinkerton, who was so very ill, tending to his needs, spending time with him, writing blogs and articles whenever she was given assignments to help pay for his amazing veterinary care; oh and there was also an awful Hurricane named Irma who disrupted all of our lives, and so many things in real life that distracted her from helping us communicate with Y’all! We are crossing our paws that we will once again be able to share what’s going on with us more regularly.

19756807_10213712759404009_1942959271459407972_n - Copy

As Y’all know, about a year ago, shortly after he celebrated his 17th birthday, Sir Hubble told Aki and me, (Edgar Allen Poe speaking ) “Mamma Cat, Daddy Cat, and the pretty lady doctor, who loved him so much that it was time for her to help him cross the Rainbow Bridge.  Mamma Cat and Daddy Cat, and the pretty lady doctor are still very sad and miss him terribly. Sir Hubble flew away peacefully; surrounded by those who loved and treasured him so deeply.

“Life has been very hectic. Aki got sick a few times, and I ate a toad and had a huge belly ache. Mamma Cat had to take ME to see the pretty lady doctor too”, says Poe. “Aki had his teeth cleaned, and Mamma Cat had to learn how to brush our teeth. I don’t like that very much, but Aki doesn’t seem to mind too much. And Mamma Cat couldn’t trim my nails because I was hissing at her and growling and even tried to bite her a few times, so she had to get Auntie Melissa to come over to help her. She still does too,’ cause I won’t let her come within an inch of my claws with those nasty nail-trimmers. IMG_0661

“Last week Aki got sick, so of course Mamma Cat was very worried about him. The lady doctor told her that Aki had to go to the hospital to get better. Aki had to stay in the hospital overnight, but in all fairness, I gotta tell you that Mamma Cat played with me and gave me lots of attention. She knew that I was worried too. I sorta like the little bratty kitty, but I will never tell him because sometimes he picks on me.”


“I miss Sir Hubble chewing on my ears”, chimed in Aki .”Well, Y’all know how much I loved how tender he was.  And since I got so sick last week, sometimes Mamma Cat keeps following me around the house to give me yucky medicine UGH. But I am glad that we can share our lives with y’all again and we will be reminding Mamma Cat to keep our promise to those folks who followed us so long ago, and we hope that others will be looking forward to more of our stories as well!  Please stay tuned”

We are so happy and relieved to once again be back and are so excited that Aki and Edgar Allen Poe are getting creative again! We hope that reading our first come- back post was informative and entertaining. We would be ever so delighted and feel encouraged by some comments on this post welcoming us back!  Thanks so much!

Hello Again! Catch up Mews from Edgar Allen Poe, Aki and Sir Hubble Pinkerton

Poe Napping

We haven’t been writing for a while lately, ‘cause Mamma Cat was under the weather trying to pass some wicked kidney stones. She is slowly recovering from surgery to help get rid of them nasty, painful pebbles. But they weren’t exactly pebbles; one was a gigantic 8 mm boulder.  But enough about Mamma Cat’s medical issues; she is feeling a lot better today so decided it was time to get back to the business of letting us get back to communicating with y’all.

We were quite upset about how Mamma Cat was suffering. We spent a lot of time hanging out with her, purring loudly to help ease her pain, and taking long naps on the couch to be as close to her as possible. She really did appreciate all our efforts and told us that she didn’t know what she would have done without all the help she got from us and Poppa Cat.

This said, during our unfortunate absence, Aki also was under the weather for a while. But with our pretty lady doctor’s tender loving care he has made a remarkable recovery and is totally back to normal. We are all very happy to announce that Sir Hubble Pinkerton is doing extremely well and is once again eating like a little piggy.  The pretty lady doctor is giving him acupuncture treatments and some Chinese herbs to make his tummy feel better. He has even started showing interest in playing with toys! This made Mamma and Daddy Cat very happy, and this has definitely helped her to get better faster.

Aki Hubble Napping

This morning Mamma Cat was feeling so chipper that she actually was able to trim all our nails. I was, for the very first time an extremely good boy and I didn’t attempt to bite her or to kill the nail clipper. In the past I was very uncooperative with the vet techs when they trimmed my nails when they visited us so they could help Mamma Cat and Daddy Cat hydrate Sir Hubble Pinkerton with sub-Q fluids.  This morning I was so extraordinarily brave and well behaved that Mamma Cat and Daddy Cat showered me with the most delicious treats. I guess it really ain’t that bad since Daddy Cat sure appreciates it when my talons are no longer lethal weapons!  I like keeping him happy!

The other good news is that Mamma Cat and Daddy Cat finally found the purrfect recipe so they can hydrate Sir Hubble Pinkerton without his fighting them- making it almost impossible to peacefully give him his every other day treatment.  Sir Hubble Pinkerton is in stage 3 kidney failure and hydrating him helps to keep him feeling better and improves his appetite! They discovered that while he is being treated, by plying him with a plate of deli roast beef, by the time he finishes eating the treatment is done!  Everyone is now more relaxed and less anxious about the whole procedure since it only takes three minutes! The acupuncture treatments the pretty lady doctor gives him, and the Chinese herbal medicine he receives also helps him feel better! He loves his pretty lady doctor and she adores him too!

We are all very happy that we are back here sharing what is going on in our lives and we look forward to checking in more frequently.  We hope that all you kitties and your pawrents are also doing well! Thanks for visiting us! We look forward to hearing about what is going on in your lives!