Aki says: “Mamma Cat Played a Nasty Trick on me!”

aki face - Copy

Yesterday Mamma Cat played another nasty trick on me! Why does she do this to me?

But before I tell you about it,please bear with me.  I need to share a little history about how my day began.

It started  just like any other day; nothing strange about it in the least.  After I finished my breakfast, I sat around deciding what to do first.  I was deep in thought when my brother, Edgar Allen Poe strolled into the kitchen. I could tell that he too was looking for mischief. So I chased him around the house for a while. That made him happy!

Much to my joy, while I was chasing him, I finally found my favorite toy. It had been missing  forever. I love my amazing Rosie the Rat  toy. But just when I started tossing it around, that knucklehead, Mr. EAP came out of nowhere and stole Rosie from me. That got me so darned mad.   To let him know that I don’t take any crap and that he had just made a serious error in judgement, I slapped him upside his head a few times.

rosie rat

That musta taught him a lesson! He dropped Rosie right away with such an apologetic look on his face.   I scurried away with Rosie in my mouth and found a secret hiding place to hide it. Mr. EAP  ain’t never going to find it!

I was a little tired after doing battle with EAP and stashing away my Rosie. So I curled up on the window seat with my big brother, Sir Hubble Pinkerton.  Of course he chewed on my ears and then washed them . I like to make him happy! We both settled in for a long, peaceful nap, snoozing in the sun.

But when the doorbell rang , my day suddenly went south. Mamma Cat opened the door and then I heard a familiar sound. Oh no- it was the pretty lady doctor’s voice!  I immediately jumped out of the window box and tried to  disappear;  but it was too late! Mamma Cat snatched me up and the next thing I knew Shannon, the pretty lady doctor’s vet tech was holding me tightly.

Then pretty lady doctor started sticking needles into me. I tried to struggle out of Shannon’s arms but she had a firm grip on me . No way could I escape. Oh the indignities of being forced to be  poked, prodded and on top of that  having needles stuck into me! It was almost too much for me to bear.

I kept wondering why Mamma Cat didn’t let me know that the pretty lady doctor was coming to the house to check me out. I guess she thought that if she did I would have disappeared where no one would ever find me. But Mamma Cat is too darned smart to give me advance warning about such things.  Thank goodness the “tormenting- du -jour” ended quickly.   Before they left, Shannon and the pretty lady doctor gave me lotsa kisses, then packed up their needles and their tubes and off they went. Mamma Cat was left waiting for what she called  “the results”.

The news must have been to her liking, because Mamma Cat did a little happy dance when the pretty lady doctor texted her the good news. All the tests came out perfectly so I should get  an “A+”. But I would much prefer some rare roast beef to be purrfectly honest!

I think it’s party time! Do you agree?  Let me know-I am all ears!

Sir Hubble Pinkerton says, “Baby Bro Aki is Cramazing!!

Brothers Aki and Hubble - Copy

There’s a time in every  elder cat’s life when we must insist that we are treated with respect. I mean after all, what does a 15 ½ year old cat have to do to  finally get his wishes across strongly enough to get them understood? I have learned that according to the rules in the world of the two-legged furless ones, respecting elders is to be expected. But it seems that the two kittens who have recently moved into my domain don’t yet have the brains or the good judgement to figure out that an elderly cat deserves to be treated with both esteem and admiration.

hubble original

It’s was hard enough to have to deal with the first interloper- Edgar Allen Poe- my first younger brother. If I could have had my way I would have had Momma Cat change his name to “Nudnick”. His rowdy behavior and bossy attitude simply drove me up the wall. This inconsiderate brat-cat  was overly fond of sneaking up on me when I wasn’t looking, jump on top of my back, wrap his paws around my neck and knock me over.  Good grief! I am much too old and fragile to deal with those kinds of shenanigans. His rough and tumble activities  were certainly not at all appreciated.

But fortunately, things around here are slowly starting to improve. I am so relieved that Momma and Daddy Cat found out about an Oriental Shorthair kitten who needed a home and decided to add this young’un into our household. Their act of kindness made it possible for Nudnick to blow off steam and behave better after playing with him. I am just over the moon happy that Aki is now part of our family because he still is young and foolish enough to get off on Nudnick’s outrageous, ludicrous behavior.

The two “kids”spend hours chasing each other around the house, playing hide-and-seek. They have so much fun hanging out together on the cat tree, and bop each other in the head to entertain each other. But I must admit that I get a kick out of watching them as long as they leave me alone. Their tomfoolery gives me a chance to climb onto the window box and bask in the sun, napping away contentedly- with no interruptions.

Unfortunately the two rascal hellions recently discovered that the window box is the perfect place for watching birds and checking out the lizards and squirrels. It seems that exactly the moment I curl up to catch a catnap they  will suddenly appear and try to usurp my favorite spot in the sun. These two pushy kittens give me no respect at all.

Although at times having to put up with the kittens’ behavior can be very stressful for me at least there is something about Aki which has started to endear him to me and the reason I  think of him as Cramazing!  While some cats may have the opinion that I am nuts because I have an ear fetish; don’t knock it until you try it! There is hardly anything more pleasurable to me than chewing on  kitties’ ears. They taste SO good!!

When my brother Hush Puppy was alive I used to chew on his ears whenever we were curled up together.  I am beginning to suspect that it may be an Oriental Shorthair thing because Aki purrs away in contentment when I am chewing on his ears and Nudnick won’t even consider letting me near his ears!  I will bet anything that Hush Puppy has a smile on his face since this also makes Momma Cat very happy too.

My Overnight Hospital Tale: Aki Tells it All

Aki today - Copy

Since  I still wasn’t back to my old self, this past Monday morning Mamma Cat called my pretty lady doctor who told her that I hadda go back to the hospital.  It was no secret to anyone that I wasn’t particularly thrilled to overhear that and when I knew it was a done deal when I  saw her take my traveling box out of the closet. I tried to hide but Mamma Cat was determined to stuff me into my traveling box and she quickly got her way.  Before I knew it, Daddy Cat put me in the car and drove me to the hospital.

Shortly after we arrived, a lady took me out of the traveling box and put me into a cage.  In no time at all, my pretty lady doctor took me into another room to check me over to find out why I was so sick.  I was poked and prodded, and stuck with needles. I gotta tell you I was not a happy camper. I heard my pretty lady doctor tell the vet tech that I was extremely dehydrated, and that I needed fluids.  What, again?  But this time to get fluids, my pretty lady doctor had to stick a needle in my vein. OUCH!   I darn well put up a fight and I hissed and growled at her, but she ignored my threatening behavior. Then on top of everything, much to my displeasure, she shoved some pills down my throat and gave me an injection! OUCH!!

Trust me! I was a wild cat trying to get that sucker fluid line out of my leg, but one of the vet techs caught me in the act; hearing my struggles to get rid of it.  To stop me from reaching it so I could pull it out, she put a plastic cone over my head. Didn’t she know that kitties hate to have cones over their head? Such indignities to felines must be punished. But I was much too weak to give her a hard time, so I just collapsed into a ball and didn’t move much. I thought to myself, “that will show her and she will feel sorry for me!”  Maybe she did but she sure didn’t show it.

Believe me I wanted badly to take a catnap to preserve what little strength I had left in reserve because I wasn’t gonna take no crap from any of them techs.  But then the D*Gs started barking and yapping and I couldn’t get a moment’s rest.  Fellow cats, you gotta listen to me  . . .  if you have to go to the hospital insist that your pawrents demand that the doctors give you a TV or play some music to help drown out the D*GGY din! Those sounds made my hair stand on end! Some canines are so inconsiderate of little kitties who aren’t feeling well. HISS!!!!

But in all fairness I must say that the food they gave me was divine. It was a special food to help my tummy! My pretty lady doctor was so excited that I was gobbling it up!  I was happy because underneath it all I kinda like her and I know that she wants me to get all better.

I was so happy to get home last night and feeling ever so much better. It was great to be back in Mamma Cat and Daddy Cat’s arms, and to be together again with my brothers. And the best news of all is that my pretty lady doctor sent me home with lots of that yummy special cat food!  Perhaps being in the hospital does have some advantages. What do you think? Tell me with a comment.

Slippery Elm Bark to the Rescue

aki and Hubble

Aki says, “Being sick is no fun! But the expression, “being sick as a dog” doesn’t even start to describe how sick and miserable  I was over the weekend.  I had started to feel a little better but I needed to be within shooting range of a litter box because I still had the “runs”.  I won’t bore you with the all the nasty, grizzly details since y’all know all know what I mean.

“Mamma and Daddy Cat picked up medicine from our lady doctor to help make my tummy feel better.  Mamma Cat gave me some but it tasted so bad that it made me start foaming at the mouth. In fact I was looking a rabid dog, and within seconds that medicine came up along with my dinner. I must have given Mamma Cat quite a fright because I started scratching her, doing everything I possibly could to get away so she couldn’t give me any more.   But if I wanted to get better, another lady doctor told Mamma Cat that she was making me up a batch of a different kind of the same medicine; but that it would taste better.

“Mamma Cat gave me a dose of the new stuff that evening. It wasn’t quite as bitter so I swallowed it. But soon afterwards my tummy started hurting so badly.  The next morning Mamma Cat gave me a second dose but it made me really sick; so sick that just thinking about eating made me gag. I was not a happy camper and Mamma Cat and Daddy Cat were very worried about me. All I wanted to do was to hide in my blanket and to be left alone.

“When Sir Hubble Pinkerton noticed that I was as limp as a ragdoll and I wasn’t moving around very much, he became very concerned about my condition.  He told me that he was a ‘healer’ and he would start sending me soothing energy. He wrapped himself around me and put his paws on my aching tummy, and licked my ears and the top of my head. And while it really felt good, I still had the belly ache from hell.

“Mamma Cat was unable to get in contact with our lady vet.  She and Daddy cat were just about to take me to an Emergency Clinic, when her friend Sondra, (who just happens to be a vet tech) sent her a message with some ideas to help me feel better.  Amazingly, Mamma Cat had on hand just what Sondra suggested; Slippery Elm Bark powder. Mamma Cat whipped up a batch of slurry, and then gave it to me with a syringe. Within ten minutes I was feeling ever so much better.

“Since I was very dehydrated from all the upchucking and Jonny trots, Sondra advised Mamma Cat and Daddy Cat to hydrate me with some sub-Q fluids.  No one likes getting stuck with needles and I sure don’t, but within minutes after they gave me the fluids I felt even better, and my appetite was returning!

“I am slowly getting back my energy and starting to eat again. Mamma Cat and Daddy Cat are taking very good care of me. But tomorrow to make sure nothing serious is wrong, I will be visiting my pretty lady doctor for an extra special thorough examination. I bet she will also be sticking me with needles!

“What do your two-legged furless ones do when you are sick? Do they stick you with needles? Please tell me in a comment.”

Sir Hubble Pinkerton Chimes In

Hubble Perkier

It goes against my grain to agree with anything that my two bratty brothers ever have to say have to say about anything.  Since they are young and foolish, and certainly fall short in the proper catiquette department, most of the time I try my best to ignore their opinons or their rowdy antics; especially when I am not feeling well.  You would think that their mothers would have taught them to respect their elders! Oh well- but I digress!

However, this time I must concur with their opinion that being a cat can be hard at times. Since we don’t speak the human language, it is extremely frustrating when we are trying to let the two-legged furless ones know when we aren’t feeling well.  On the other paw to be perfectly fair it must be just as challenging for them to try to figure out what is wrong when we are under the weather.

Since I am a geriatric kitty, most of the time my eldership does have great advantages. Mamma Cat simply adores me and she always caters to my whims. She already understands that when I am sitting in front of the refrigerator, looking up at her with those soft, googly eyes, that I am longing for a slice of that delicious rare roast beef or roast chicken that she always keeps so neatly wrapped in a plastic bag just for me!

She has also learned that rare roast beef or roast chicken often will jump- start my appetite to help me be more compliant about chowing down on cat food.   And when I leap onto the window seat and am basking in the sun, she has also learned this is a signal that this is a very acceptable spot for her to feed me breakfast.  On the other paw, it’s only fair that I cop to the fact that I often force her to jump through hoops when I  make her follow me around the house- feeding dish in hand, imploring me to eat!

When it is time for my medicine, Mamma Cat shoves a few icky pills down my throat and then gives me some nasty tasting yucky liquids.  Either Mamma Cat or Daddy Cat at times even has to give me an injection! (meowch)   But after I have taken all my medications politely, (and I always do), Mamma Cat gives me wonderful treats to reward my excellent behavior. Mamma Cat is always so considerate.

However, my all-time favorite part of day is late in the evening and bedtime approaches.   I love snuggling under the covers, sleeping in Mamma Cat’s arms all night. I try not to disturb her when I get up to drink some water or must  use my litter box.  But if I do happen to wake her up she is always so forgiving and always reassures me not to fret over it.  I think it is really important to acknowledge how much our “pawrents” love us and how they only  want the best for us.

Keeping this thought in mind, isn’t it time to create a “Hug your Human” to celebrate how much we appreciate them? What do you think? Share your opinion in a comment.

Aki says, “Being sick is no fun!

aki Aki

My brother, the learned Edgar Allen Poe is right on the money when he said that “at times it can be hard to be a cat”  And when kitties are under the weather this is especially true!

Poe Butter - Copy

Late last week my  my tummy started aching  and Momma Cat ( the two legged-furless female) was very concerned since  I was hadly eating and was throwing up along with some other nasty, stinky issues about which I won’t bore or disgust you.  Momma Cat called Auntie Erin, our pretty lady doctor to let her know that I wasn’t feeling well and she told her all the gory detail about my symptoms. Auntie Erin told her right away that she was worried too, and to bring me to her hospital that afternoon so  thatI could start feeling better!  Feeling better sounded like a plan to me!

Momma Cat put me gently in my little traveling case that was lined with my favorite pink towel and Daddy Cat put me in the car. A few minutes later we arrived at the hospital. But much to my shock and horror, we were greeted by one of the techs (that is what they call these two-legged furless ones  who are not doctors so I learned). She was walking a  big dog!  He was a huge black and brown monster and he boldly walked up to my traveling cage and tried to sniff me. I wanted to hiss at him but didn’t have the energy to give him a piece of my mind. So instead I curled up into a ball and hid under the towel until the tech lady pulled him out of sniffing distance!

Shortly after the “on-call” tech lady arrived with keys to the building so we could get inside. Momma Cat and Daddy Cat brought me into the waiting room and the tech lady took me out of my traveling case to check me out. She told them that I was dehydrated. I had no idea what that meant but from the way she was talking it sounded like something I didn’t want to be. She told them that Auntie Erin told her to give me fluids (whatever that was), and some medications to help make me feel better. I really LIKED that since my tummy was really hurting.

The lady tech put me back in my traveling case and took me to another part of the hospital where she put me in a little wire house with some water and a fluffy blanket. The first thing I did was to hide under the blanket because  there were dogs close to me in their wire houses that were making a such a racket that I was worried how I would be able to even catch a cat nap from all that irritating din!

But my worries were  quickly interrupted when the lady tech took me out of my little wire house and stuck a needle in me and gave me the fluids and an injection of medicine which soothed my aching tummy. Then she put me back me in my little wire house and  she fed me.

In the morning Auntie Erin checked me out and called Mamma Cat to tell her that I could come home that afternoon and about the medicine that she had to give me. Ugh- medicine? I was so relieved to be home again, and that everyone was so happy to see me that I couldn’t stop purring.

I feel better today and I am starting to play again with my brothers. But being sick is NOT fun and going to the hospital was very scary. And while I love my pretty lady doctor, I hope I never have to be there again overnight and have to hear yapping dogs!

Since I am still a kitten, I am curious to know if other cats react like  I did  when they aren’t feeling well. Have any of you been to a hospital  and locked up overnight in a little wire cage; forced to listen to barking dogs?

Please leave a comment to reassure me!


Sometimes it’s hard to be a cat!

Poe Chillin OutKing of the MountaintopI gotta tell you that sometimes it’s really hard to be a cat!  No matter how hard we try, my brothers and I  cannot seem to be able  educate the  two-leggeds with whom we are living to understand that by nature felines are  crepuscular creatures who are more active primarily during the twilight hours. These are the  hours before dawn and after dusk when it’s essential for us to hunt, catch prey, chow down and then carefully groom ourselves so no other predators can find us. It is only after that we can curl up for a nap.

Since the two hairless two- legged furless creatures with whom we live- a man and a woman- mistakenly think that it is esssential to get 8 hours of sleep a night, for some reason we cannot understand why they become enraged with us when our inner clock goes off and we awaken with a wicked appetite. After all, most everyone knows that  cats gotta eat; especially when they are starving to death! How dare they turn their backs on us, when we are crying out for food and put a pillow over their head in an attempt to ignore us?

And then they have the unmitigated  gall to want us to crawl up into their laps on their terms when THEY feel like snuggling with us.  I mean after all, we could be very busy chasing bugs or grazing on the carpet to catch a few morsels of food that they inadvertently dropped on the floor while they were watching TV.  I mean, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander!

At the same time although there are some rocky bumps in the road that we encounter while living with the two legged ones, to be absolutely fair there are also some great advantages. They do quickly learn that if the food they are offering us is not to our liking they are willing to open many of those tin cans in which our food is contained to make sure that something suits our fancy. We particularly are fond of the female two legged one who is always more than willing to  find some rare roast beef or roast chicken stashed in the “fridge” to tempt our taste buds. And the female is more than willing to offer one of my brothers some food early in the morning; especially when he continues to tap his paw on her cheek. She is trainable!

The reason that we decided to write  this blog is so my two brothers and me can share our journey into life with the two-leggeds and to explore the many reasons for having chosen to live with them. after all- all passionate cat lovers know that we find them even though they believe that found us! We hope that you will share some of your experiences with the furless-ones too to help in our search for the meaning of life in general. After all- aren’t we all seekers?