Getting a Kitty? The Feline Perspective of What you need to know.

The saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear” attributed to both Buddha Siddhartha Gautama Shakyamuni and the Theosophists could not be more appropriate as a preface to this article.

I say this because the other day while I was looking for some odd feline-related info while surfing the internet, I “accidentally” ran across an extremely humorous, well-written article, “What I wish I had known before getting Cats”  published on Medium by Zulie Rane.

After I finished reading it, I felt compelled to share it with our two highly intelligent cats, Mr. Aki Pataki-Baracki and Mr. Edgar Allen Poe. I wish you could have seen the expression on their faces as they were listening to me trying to read it to them. I was chuckling so loudly that I could hardly get the words out.

But what really shocked me was their immediate reaction to the story. The first thing they both agreed on was Zane’s unparalleled, sage advice for new cat owners, cautioning them that the most important thing to remember when they adopt a kitty,  is that they are not “getting a cat”; that the cats are “getting them. “

Although this rule is one of the most important things that new owners must learn, both cats felt while the article certainly has merit, they were driven to “tell it like it really is” from a feline purrspective.


The first thing Edgar Allen piped in was,  “While trampling onto a soggy trichobezoar (hairball) could be highly shocking and disgusting, to annoy their hoomans cats prefurr to  make loud, purrturbing noises and jump all over them at two AM insisting they are hungry.” He added, “It really takes a motivated and patient hooman who, in the middle of the night will say “no” to their apparently “starving” kitty and place a pillow over their head, turn over and go back to sleep. You see, with purrsistence, hoomans will ultimately put an end to this behavior- darn it.”

IMG_1426 - Copy

Mr. Aki couldn’t resist putting in his two cents as well. He said,  “Hoomans must learn that felines crave attention, and if we don’t get enough of it, the only way we can convey our feelings is to jump into the middle of your newspaper, step all over your computer keyboard, and find other creative ways to interrupt whatever you’re doing. It’s not being naughty as some hoomans  might interpret our behavior; it is the only way we can communicate our needs.”

However, both cats highly agreed with Ms. Zulie’s article which humorously describes hoomans who choose to and open up to be owned by kitties. They will surrender into a very special and unique relationship that entails falling in love with them, cherishing and caring for them, and even spoiling them because that is what all cats truly deserve.

So if you are thinking about “getting a cat”, you now have a preview of the amazingly powerful journey upon which you will embark upon. This journey is never long enough so you must enjoy every moment.

Still gonna “get a kitty” or do you already have one or more? Tell us a little about your journey into the world of cats.

The Grinch who Stole Thanksgiving: No Thanksgiving fixings for us!

Sharing Thanksgiving bounty with friends has been an annual ritual at our house. The tantalizing aroma of turkey roasting in the oven, coupled with the scent of the candied sweet potatoes baking, and the extra stuffing along with scrumptious apple pie is something to which we look forward at this time of the year.  Apparently, however, “The Grinch who Stole Christmas” decided that Thanksgiving was the time to pay us an unexpected visit and he stole ourThanksgiving right from under our anticipatory noses.

Not only did he dishearten my husband and me, but by doing his dirty work, the Grinch did a super job of disappointing both our kitties. Aki and Edgar Allen Poe were both counting on enjoying their special treats: pieces of luscious, juicy turkey, and to indulge their favorite treat; gnawing on a delightful chunk of raw turkey neck.

A few days ago we suspected that something within our refrigerator was amiss.  The carefully wrapped items in the fridge stored in containers or wrapped up tightly began to feel warmer than they should have. Additionally, the frozen food in the freezer section began to feel softer than normal, warning us that things were starting to thaw. We quickly lowered the refrigerator and freezer temperatures; but alas to no avail.  All the contents in our big, beautiful refrigerator were slowly turning into a soggy mush. 

We phoned our repair company immediately, but the Grinch had already foiled a timely technician service call.  It wouldn’t be available for five more days. Making it even worse was when the technician finally did arrive he only gave the sleeping refrigerator a perfunctory exam. Thanks to the Grinch, the technician was unable to assure us that the parts were even in stock which was necessary to get the darned thing awakened.













Aki gazed up at me, and with a quizzical expression on his face asked, “Is it true that Thanksgiving is passing us by this year?” Trying to console him, I explained that we had to wait for the parts. Aki retorted, “He mustn’t really give a darn, ‘cause he woulda had them already and brought them back to replace the broken piece. When he returns, I might just bite his ankle,  and if I find the Grinch, he better watch out!  I guess cats just ain’t that important.” He then uttered a huge sigh.














But what broke my heart into pieces was when I found Edgar Allen Poe crouched down on the coffee table, sobbing. He first mewed at me very softly and then, choking back his tears, he uttered, “I am so sorry about this mommy Cat.  If it helps, I will gladly give you and Daddy Cat a can of my turkey cat food.”   Poe’s generous offer touched me deeply.












Even though the Grinch stole our Thanksgiving, we feel so blessed with two loving kitties that we adore and who greatly return our feelings. Although there will be no roast turkey on our dining table this year, we have much to be thankful for.  

Aki, Edgar Allen Poe, Marty and I wish you and your kitties a blessed Thanksgiving Day.